Who are we?

A constructive approach to tackle a conflict, this is what the citizen mediation service in Laval offers you!

Noisy neighbours, obnoxious colleagues, tensed family relations? One can face situational conflicts in their daily life. To overcome them, the Service de Médiation Citoyenne de Laval offers a humane and relational approach. It is a different approach that gives way to sustainable solutions.

Community mediation is an alternative method for conflict prevention and resolution. It is an opportunity to restore, improve or maintain dialogue between two or more people involved in a conflict.

It is also an opportunity to develop solution mechanisms that are adapted to the needs of the people involved. The mediation process takes place with the help of voluntary mediators from the community.


Community mediation applies to all types of interpersonal conflicts, except family law matters (i.e. divorce, child custody).


The Laval community service (SMCL) developed itself in December 2015 within Mesures Alternatives Jeunesse de Laval, a non-profit alternative justice organization, established in Laval since 1987. It follows the tradition of alternative justice organizations, which for the most part, have developed community mediation initiatives since 1998 (for more information, please visit (ASSOJAQ).

Our mission : provide free, fast, confidential and personal mediation support to the citizens of Laval, for conflict prevention and resolution, with the help of voluntary community mediators.

Our vision : fulfilled Laval inhabitants that are capable of sharing, interacting and developing their own mechanisms for conflict resolution.

Respect ─ respecting others and their differences is an essential value in all human relationships. During the community mediation process, the voluntary mediators as well as the people involved in the process commit to show mutual respect and courtesy.

Communication ─ the SMCL offers a mediation space focused on the process of dialogue between the people involved in mediation. Our voluntary mediators work to create and improve the interactions between them at each stage of the mediation process: once active listening is restored between them, people tend to be more opened to dialogue and can reach an agreement.

Multipartiality ─ the SMCL provides a multipartial mediation. Our voluntary mediators’ role is to balance the dialogue so that each of the persons involved in the process express their needs, interests, and thus, be heard.

Participation ─ participation is at the core of our values. Mediation can only work if the people involved participate actively and if the mediators are committed to the cause.

Diversity ─ community mediation addresses everyone. Besides, Laval is a multiethnic and multicultural region. Each of its inhabitants has a unique background and the SMCL wants to have a special and intimate relationship with each member of the community in order to meet their needs.

Self-determination ─ people’s involvement in the mediation process is voluntary, and the SMCL aims at empowering Laval citizens as well as giving them the tools to develop their own conflict prevention and resolution mechanisms. The Laval community mediation service fundamentally believes in people’s abilities and skills to contribute to making living together better.

Accountability and reliability ─ on one hand, the SMCL commits to be transparent and accountable to its partners, donors and volunteers. On the other hand, the mediators guarantee to the people involved in the mediation process, support, security and confidentiality.

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