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Call us or send us an e-mail to make a request. Every mediation process is unique and specific to every request; however, it evolves according to the following steps:

A mediator gets in contact with you within 24-48 hours following your request. This first contact allows you to explain your situation and tell us about how you see the conflict, what your expectations are and your concerns regarding the mediation. Finally, it allows the mediator to assess if community mediation is actually adequate for your situation.

Later on, the mediator schedules a preparatory meeting with each person (or group of people) individually. Once again, he or she makes sure that you are voluntarily involved in the process. Then, he or she explains to you how the future mediation meeting will take place. The mediator then prepares you and helps you identify the points you would like to address, put yourself in the shoes of the other person and think about the outcome of the mediation.

Finally, in the presence of the community mediator, the people involved in the process meet at the mediation meeting. During this meeting, the people have the opportunity to express themselves, understand, hear each other and come to an agreement.
* The face-to-face mediation meeting is not the only option! Other possibilities can be considered in order to facilitate a successful process.

You want to get involved ?

The voluntary mediators are a real strength for the SMCL.
Our volunteers are not left alone. They go through primary training, and then benefit from support, guidance and monitoring throughout their commitment to the SMCL.

So if you are a committed person who wishes to give time and help people resolve their problem, all that while sharing and growing as a human being, come and join our volunteer team! You just have to fill up the subscription form and we will contact you.

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