• Community mediation : the SMCL provides free, fast, confidential and personal support in community mediation, with the help of voluntary community mediators trained by the team. The mediators help the people involved in a conflict restore dialogue and find solutions to the conflict together. The service is opened to all Laval citizens.
• Intercultural mediation and diversity management : worskhop sessions are offered to the host and immigrant populations of Laval for an intercultural exchange. It allows people to pool their similarities in order to live together in a better way. The development and implementation of this project was made possible thanks to the financial support of Ville de Laval, from February 2016 to May 2017.
• Conflict resolution and communication coaching sessions
• Workshop sessions on communication, conflict management and living in harmony.
Coaching and workshop sessions address Laval citizens and organizations. They can be individual or group sessions depending on the needs.

Current projects :

•Alternative methods for conflict prevention and resolution : Alternative methods for conflict prevention and resolution The Ministère de la Justice is funding the project from January to December 2017. The project is an expression of the will to promote community mediation as an alternative mode to the traditional entities (court and police) for conflict prevention and resolution. More specifically, this project aims at reducing the deterioration of interpersonal conflicts, increasing the feeling of effectiveness in people regarding conflict resolution, and increasing people’s skills to communicate openly and effectively.

•Fighting intimidation
The Ministère de la Famille is funding the project from October 2016 to January 2018. The project wishes to put an end to indimidation situations that can arise in a conflict. It aims at strengthening the ability of Laval citizens to fight against the use of intimidation strategies as a conflict management method (repeat calls to the police, threats, harassment and offensive words for example). The project also aims at reducing the use and consequences of the use of such strategies.


Marie-Ève D'Amour, Coordinator
Arianne Deveault, Planning consultant

With the contribution of Mesures Alternatives Jeunesse de Laval’s team and board of directors

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